Friday, December 25, 2015


God is the mender of broken dreams & like the fragments of bread that He asked the apostles to gather into baskets, God is asking us to REMEMBER our broken & delayed dreams. He is gathering all of our shattered pieces from the ground & putting them back together again. It's like the puzzle that we never completed as a child because we became so frustrated at the difficulty and the duration of the process. The picture on the box only showed the glory of the completed puzzle. Nowhere was it explained how long it might take to complete or the level of difficulty involved, and no one thinks to ask because starting the puzzle is always so much fun.  To embark upon a new adventure is a delight to the courageous soul. There is so much hope to achieve what you've seen on the cover of the box. However, with each passing day, impatience begins to creep in, frustration builds, and the process drags on. Eventually, hope begins to wane. Before you know it, the picture on the cover of the box has lost its luster and completing the puzzle feels virtually impossible. With every passing day, we go less often to the table where the unfinished puzzle remains.  Finally, we stop going to the table altogether.  What follows?  We're off to a new dream, pursuing a new vision - even if that means someone else's vision for our lives.

So, as we prepare to enter into 2016, Don't abandon your dreams...Recapture the vision God gave  YOU!!! and Never abort the mission.

Merry Christmas friends! Jesus is still the reason!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Patrolling Your Heart

Like an old, dear friend who remained absent for awhile but never forgot the relationship...I'm back. It has been a long year of silence - a year since my last letter to you, and it's time that we rekindle the fire. My voice is eager to reach your ears and deposit some excellent things into your heart. Are you ready? I've said before, "keep your candles lit and STAY ALERT...until we meet again." As I understand the power of the Law that governs our hearts, I know that whatever is stored within it, in abundance, will certainly flow from our lips. Beyond our lips, our words pour forth and swiftly become actions. Armed with this knowledge, I am compelled to share with you how IMPERATIVE it is to keep your heart cleansed. Purify and purge it, daily, from every toxic thought, for out of it flow the issues of life. Too many unsuspecting souls have not yet grasped the power that lies within their very own tongues, although they use it everyday. I pray that you understand the influence and weight of your words and begin to establish boundaries for your heart, understanding that "out of an abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." Whatever lays heavily on your heart, the things you've done - however long past they are, confess them quickly and be set free. There is no amount of earthly treasure that can satisfy like a pure heart... one that's been cleansed of guilt and demons of the past. Pour your confessions out to God as deliberately and as quickly as you would empty out a dirty cup before putting it to your lips. Confessing is cleansing. Admitting is redeeming. It is TRUTH, flowing from our hearts and falling from our lips, in all sincerity, that ushers in the Lord's warm water. God stands waiting to wash you clean, from the inside out, to deliver you from all that's hidden and all that you thought could never be redeemed. Behold, He makes ALL THINGS NEW. Lay your shame at His feet. He's been waiting for you.