Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Get Back to God

Ecclesiastes 10:10: “If the axe is dull and he does not sharpen its edge, then he must exert more strength. Wisdom has the advantage of giving strength.”


“Adfectus Evangelium”

I never thought I would see the day where the world of science and the world of faith would be on the same chopping block. So to the scientist I say, “welcome my friend. May we become soldiers together and learn one another’s language.”It’s been rather lonely over here, standing for Truth and the Creator of the universe— a stance which has, from the very beginning, been persecuted, rejected, and scorned —never by ALL but typically by an outspoken few—a minority whose life mission has been to create waves for the Silent Majority. This present generation is no different. Only now, we see the outspoken minority shift their weapons toward the scientist, with all of his burdening facts.“What a nuisance you are! What a burden you have become!” And you may have thought your stance was secure. I know I did. In fact, you may even have felt a little superior, at times, to the man or woman of faith—saying, “how foolish you are!...believing in something, someone you can not SEE or prove! Ha! We, however, deal in facts—Hardcore PROOF! We don’t believe UNTIL we see! That’s our motto. Show me this God in whom you say you believe, and just maybe I’ll show you why you’re a fool. Prove to me that He exists! Then, we’ll talk...and maybe I’ll let you have a seat at the table...but not until.” 

Now, look at us. Where are we? The Scientist and the person of Faith are on the same line. The tables have turned...and turned again, but this time the scientific world view, as well as the doctrine of faith, have found themselves face to face awaiting execution & vilification for their antiquated, unauthorized ideas. Ironically, we both now sit in the same boat—the one that’s being pushed further and further from the shore, while the desire of the outspoken minority is to completely banish us both. Because this, “enlightened” New World has no room, or love, or time for faith or science—real science (not manipulated data pumped into our minds through media and educational institutions). “You, Faith...you, Science, both present a real problem!...an eminent threat to national security and the furtherance of the new world gospel, we call ‘Adfectus Evangelium,’...The Gospel of FEELINGS!” 

This “gospel,” however, turns on a dime—spinning off its axis and shifts in seconds like the wind, but it is rapidly spreading—faster than any virus ever could. And this “gospel” is being written into Law—turning our boys into girls and our girls into boys and, ultimately, turning us on each other. This spontaneously erupting doctrine is not at all sound. It is not wise. It is not proven. Therefore, it is not trustworthy—yet, this is what is being thrust upon us now as FEELINGS fight to be king...and what follows: swift judgement and punishment for those who do not comply.

This new gospel not only denies the Father & the Son, but it denies foundational, Bio-logical truth— HARDCORE, Scientific Facts! In this new world of FEELINGS, it is sinful to acknowledge Male & Female because the arrogance of the new gospel would have you DENY what you can actually see with your own eyes or touch with your hands. No, this gospel has forbidden the knowledge of formulas and equations; no more reasonable deductions or common sense here, but only speculation, confusion, and delusion, thereby creating and perpetuating a conundrum about who we are, what we are, and the entire existence of life as we know it!

So we have shifted, yes, 363° off of our axis and off the rails. There are no coordinates for this place; no man knows the way. There is only a promise of a quick trajectory up and yet it goes down, with no end in sight. This new gospel is a deep pit—inexplicably sub-human and subjective! It is painful mentally, physically, and spiritually although it masquerades as a solution to the crisis of identity. Instead, you become only a slave in this place—a slave with an assigned number or letter while the real culprit lies within, only temporarily sedated. Popping pills and cutting off parts is being purported as the quick fix while our fellow citizens still cry out from within—tormented in their own private hell. 

Lord Help us!!!

But, this is what we do know: every man and every woman who relinquishes the truth of being fearfully and wonderfully made—in the image and likeness of the Most High God, opens up a door to depravity. The mind of man is not a toy! It must be responsibly guided, nurtured, and taught, with God at the helm! And Only Jesus can remove the veil...and He will do it with love and a skillful hand, if we let Him. Because, yes, God actually had the audacity to make us male and female...men and women, boys and girls, and there is nothing wrong, bad, or socially constructed about that! It is a beautiful thing. What is, however, socially constructed is the exchange of God’s truth for a lie. And it is a lie to promise lasting peace for castration, long term happiness for mutilation, and to globally exalt confusion as King. The truth is, we have played with fire for far too long, and have thus gotten burned. In our ignorance, we have denied the Faith, rejected the Facts, and have been seduced by the DOCTRINE of FEELINGS... ”Adfectus Evangelium.”

Now what do you feel about that? What are we going to do about that? We must truthfully help our people, who are truly hurting, and get back to God. We must humble ourselves, pray, and get back to God.

Matthew 18:6

“But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Friday, April 21, 2017


Enough already about foolish arguments and endless  speculations—that's too... .My desire is to shift the focus of my lens outward and directly into the world—a world that is quickly changing around us. People are running in mass states of confusion, frustration, and pandemonium not knowing how to bring a calm and order to it all. To all our shame, black men and women are being slaughtered in the street, as if for sport, and the year is 2016. Conversely, here I sit in a beauty salon, so far removed from the reality of brutality as my daughter is being pampered with a relaxing mani-pedi. It's a lovely, 80 degree day, the sky's a jordy blue, and ever since we stepped into the place it's been all smiles. A warm, Vietnamese couple simultaneously work on my baby's adolescent hands and feet while I wonder where all the time went. She is no longer small, I realize, as I admire her long, shapely, mahogany legs that will soon be poised behind the wheel of a car, independent of me. This thought  suddenly grips my heart with fear as I digress from the salon and find myself riding shotgun with  Sandra Bland, opening the door with Yvette Smith, outside with Tamir Rice, in the back of a van with Freddie Gray and in the middle of the road with Terence Crutcher.  The list goes on and on as I observe the confrontation between my sisters, my brothers and the thugs, who've been perpetrating as officers of the law.  These thugs, enticed and lured into a false sense of superiority, make a mockery of the law. They do not see that they have become the perpetrators, dissolving into the very thing that they hate: the criminal mind. As the tension rises, I drift again, not far, to a black woman in handcuffs. She has legs like my daughter. She is the same age as my daughter. She has black skin like my daughter. 

The wide shot in my mind reveals an aqua blue pool where a white palm is smashing a black face to the ground, shattering my lens. Through the broken pieces of glass, I see the girl in a bikini who has now made headline news. She's being assaulted by an officer of the law—a man who took an oath to "protect and serve." I feel a lump rising in my throat, and I can barely breath or see through the tears. A sigh of relief comes as I find myself back in the present, back in my comfy seat at the salon and gazing at my daughter's cinnamon skin. However, as much as I want to disconnect, I wonder how do I protect her? These anxious thoughts begin binding me up like vines, pinning me to the trunk of a large oak.  My own mind has quickly made me prey, and I have allowed it. I knew better than to let it wander without spiritual supervision or without apprehending these renegade thoughts.  For many months now, the media has been bombarding us with images and sounds of black men and women being murdered in the streets.  Those images linger and circle around us like wolves, waiting to seize our imagination and destroy us between the vines.This mother-daughter outing, initially so beautiful, has been suddenly sabotaged by fear.  However, I refuse to make it feel at home within me, and I refuse to return evil for evil, adopting an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth mentality. Instead, I start thumbing through my daughter's summer reading material and try to guide my mind back towards peace. Then, lo and behold, out of that jordy blue, I see these words: "Fondly do we hope-fervently do we pray- that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away...With malice toward none; with charity for all." These words lifted off the page and formed a sharp blade, which began cutting through the vines that had me bound only moments before. Suddenly, I was set free and the fear was no longer present.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we forget...NOTHING is stronger than LOVE...NOTHING; loving words, loving thoughts, loving actions. With that moment of truth, I closed my daughter's book and resolved to fight this war with the wisdom and the love of God. Nothing else is strong enough to keep the wolves away. Nothing else is sharp enough to cut through the vines. Therefore, "fondly do [I] hope, fervently do  [I] pray-that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away."

Friday, December 25, 2015


God is the mender of broken dreams & like the fragments of bread that He asked the apostles to gather into baskets, God is asking us to REMEMBER our broken & delayed dreams. He is gathering all of our shattered pieces from the ground & putting them back together again. It's like the puzzle that we never completed as a child because we became so frustrated at the difficulty and the duration of the process. The picture on the box only showed the glory of the completed puzzle. Nowhere was it explained how long it might take to complete or the level of difficulty involved, and no one thinks to ask because starting the puzzle is always so much fun.  To embark upon a new adventure is a delight to the courageous soul. There is so much hope to achieve what you've seen on the cover of the box. However, with each passing day, impatience begins to creep in, frustration builds, and the process drags on. Eventually, hope begins to wane. Before you know it, the picture on the cover of the box has lost its luster and completing the puzzle feels virtually impossible. With every passing day, we go less often to the table where the unfinished puzzle remains.  Finally, we stop going to the table altogether.  What follows?  We're off to a new dream, pursuing a new vision - even if that means someone else's vision for our lives.

So, as we prepare to enter into 2016, Don't abandon your dreams...Recapture the vision God gave  YOU!!! and Never abort the mission.

Merry Christmas friends! Jesus is still the reason!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Patrolling Your Heart

Like an old, dear friend who remained absent for awhile but never forgot the relationship...I'm back. It has been a long year of silence - a year since my last letter to you, and it's time that we rekindle the fire. My voice is eager to reach your ears and deposit some excellent things into your heart. Are you ready? I've said before, "keep your candles lit and STAY ALERT...until we meet again." As I understand the power of the Law that governs our hearts, I know that whatever is stored within it, in abundance, will certainly flow from our lips. Beyond our lips, our words pour forth and swiftly become actions. Armed with this knowledge, I am compelled to share with you how IMPERATIVE it is to keep your heart cleansed. Purify and purge it, daily, from every toxic thought, for out of it flow the issues of life. Too many unsuspecting souls have not yet grasped the power that lies within their very own tongues, although they use it everyday. I pray that you understand the influence and weight of your words and begin to establish boundaries for your heart, understanding that "out of an abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." Whatever lays heavily on your heart, the things you've done - however long past they are, confess them quickly and be set free. There is no amount of earthly treasure that can satisfy like a pure heart... one that's been cleansed of guilt and demons of the past. Pour your confessions out to God as deliberately and as quickly as you would empty out a dirty cup before putting it to your lips. Confessing is cleansing. Admitting is redeeming. It is TRUTH, flowing from our hearts and falling from our lips, in all sincerity, that ushers in the Lord's warm water. God stands waiting to wash you clean, from the inside out, to deliver you from all that's hidden and all that you thought could never be redeemed. Behold, He makes ALL THINGS NEW. Lay your shame at His feet. He's been waiting for you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Note to the Dreamer:

Whenever a goal takes residence in your heart, it lies there, beckoning to one day be realized...and like anything in life that requires nourishment, this goal is no different; it must be kindled and fed...initially, by desire and after desire, active pursuit - not waiting for something to be handed down, but going after, with diligence all that is required to fulfill this goal.  And in our pursuing, we must grasp onto FAITH to endure the journey - thereby forgetting what lies behind and reaching toward what lies ahead, pressing toward the goal.  No matter what obstacles arise, whether external or internal, the goal that one day took residence in your heart shall not rest until it is finally achieved. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thee King is Coming

Chase after The Risen Christ with all of your heart, soul, and mind...now...and  until                                                                 He comes for you... 
He is soon to come. 
Get Ready, Be Ready, and Stay Ready. 
Let us prepare to GATHER UPON THE SHORES OF THE LORD to celebrate HIS RETURN!!! 

Our King is coming!!! Put on your wedding attire!!!

     Liberty Dawn, 1/1/2014 AD

Friday, September 6, 2013


As I open up "my doors" to you, each time I am challenged to go deeper - knowing that my humanity is intrinsically linked to yours.  I pray that your deliverance, your joy, your growth & triumph as a human being, as a CHILD OF GOD will flow from this blog.  In fact, before I go any further, I'm breaking the status quo right here, right now with the name, "BLOG." From this point forward, please know that I'm no longer "BLOGGING." Know that I'm WRITING LOVE LETTERS TO YOUR SOUL... That just sounds right to me:) I hope you're feelin' this thing too:) 

If I have not made it to your home yet with my letters, believe me, I will.  I am committed to this mission and look forward to speaking with you again. My next love letter will post soon.  In the meantime, keep your candles lit and STAY ALERT.

Until we meet again...