Friday, September 6, 2013


As I open up "my doors" to you, each time I am challenged to go deeper - knowing that my humanity is intrinsically linked to yours.  I pray that your deliverance, your joy, your growth & triumph as a human being, as a CHILD OF GOD will flow from this blog.  In fact, before I go any further, I'm breaking the status quo right here, right now with the name, "BLOG." From this point forward, please know that I'm no longer "BLOGGING." Know that I'm WRITING LOVE LETTERS TO YOUR SOUL... That just sounds right to me:) I hope you're feelin' this thing too:) 

If I have not made it to your home yet with my letters, believe me, I will.  I am committed to this mission and look forward to speaking with you again. My next love letter will post soon.  In the meantime, keep your candles lit and STAY ALERT.

Until we meet again...


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